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Poly B Pipe Removal & Replacement In Vancouver

Don’t let old Poly B pipes ruin your home. Protect your it from water damage — and higher insurance costs — by changing your pipes. Start with a free estimate!




Deal With Your Poly B Pipes

From assessment to replacement, our experts are ready to help.


If you need help assessing your pipes, or if you suspect there may be a damaged Poly B pipe in a hard-to-reach area, our certified inspectors can give clarity on your home’s Poly B situation.


Not ready to replace all the piping in your home? No problem – we can replace sections of Poly B pipe and show you how to manage the plumbing system until it’s ready for a full refit.


If you’re ready to replace all or some of the Poly B piping in your home, we’ve got a team of expert technicians that’s ready to help you do it.

Why Choose Hillcrest Plumbing & Heating?

We’re Fully Bonded And Insured

We’ll get the job done right no matter what, and if anything happens, we’ll be responsible for it.

We Put Everything Back The Way It Should Be

High-quality cleaning and restoration matter just as much to us as high-quality plumbing.

We Don’t Subcontract

When you hire us, you can be confident that you’re getting the skills and service you expect.

We Have Decades Of Experience With Poly B Pipe

From assessing it to working with it, our technicians know the ins and outs of Poly B piping.

What Our Clients Say

This is the most professional residential plumber we have used. The service is consistently good and the owners are directly involved in all aspects of the business and available at any time. Reliable and good service. We recommend Hillcrest to all of our friends and we always hear exceptionally good feedback.

— Wendy H.

Doug fixed our water leak after giving us two options and working out how to do it without tearing up our tiled, heated kitchen floor or the slab. I can’t imagine how much stress and expense he saved us. He’s very personable and honest and a very professional, competent worker.

— Dave S.

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How Much Will It Cost To Replace My Poly B Pipes?

For A Typical Mid-size Home In Metro Vancouver, The Project Could Easily Cost Around $10,000

The cost of replacing your pipes depends on the size of your house, the number of fixtures you have, and how easy it is to access your plumbing. If there’s existing water damage, like mold or rotted wood, then repairing those issues will increase your costs too.

Replacing Poly B Pipes Isn’t Cheap

But it’s a lot less than years of increased insurance premiums or, worse yet, a serious pipe failure.

Get The Facts About Poly B Piping

Old Poly B Pipes Are A Problem Waiting To Happen

If your home was built around the mid 70s to late 90s, it probably has Poly B pipes in it. Back then, it was a fast, affordable alternative to copper piping. But today we know that its lower price came at the cost of durability and longevity.

Why Does It Matter?

Left Unaddressed, Poly B Pipes Can Result In:

Water Damage


Ineligibility for Insurance


Higher Insurance Costs

Decreased Property Value


High water temperatures, strong water pressure, and purifying chemicals added to the water supply weaken the pipes over time. The result? Cracks, loose pipe joints, and outright pipe failures.

How To Identify Poly B Pipes

Poly B pipes can be easily recognized by their bluish-grey colour. They also often – but not always – have a code printed on the side of them which includes the letters PB.

Dealing With Your Poly B Pipes

From Assessment To Replacement, Our Experts Are Ready To Help


If you need help assessing your pipes, or if you suspect there may be a damaged Poly B pipe in a hard-to-reach area, the certified inspectors on the Hillcrest team can give you a clear picture of your home’s Poly B situation.


Spotted signs of damage in your Poly B pipes, but aren’t ready to replace all the piping in your home? No problem – we can swap out the damaged pipes and show you how to manage the remaining Poly B pipes until you’re ready to replace them.


If you’re ready to replace all the Poly B piping in your home, we’ve got a team of expert technicians that’s ready to help you do it. With our high-quality, code-approved PEX pipes, you get plumbing that you can count on to last a lifetime.

Common Poly B Pipe Questions

There are a few things you can do:

Replace plastic fittings with copper fittings
Compared to copper, plastic typically becomes more weak and brittle over time, which can result in leaks.

Lower your home’s water pressure
One of our plumbers, or a plumber near you, can use an existing valve or install a new pressure-control value to lower your home’s water pressure. Lower water pressure – at or below 100 psi – means less stress on the pipes and joints in your home’s plumbing system.

Install a chlorine filter
Although it isn’t common in Canada, if the water in your area has chlorine levels higher than 2 ppm, you may want to have a plumber install a chlorine filter where water enters your home. The reduced chlorine levels can help slow the degradation of your Poly B pipes.

Reduce your home’s water temperature
High heat also contributes to the breakdown of Poly B piping. To prevent that, it’s recommended that you keep your water temperatures below 82 degrees celsius, but no lower than 55 degrees celsius (otherwise bacteria may begin to grow in your hot water tank).

In most cases, no, it won’t, although most already charge a higher rate to account for the risk from Poly B, and some are giving advance warning that they won’t proceed with policy renewal in the future if the Poly B pipes aren’t replaced.

Even if your Poly B pipes look fine, it’s still a good idea to change them if you can. Why? Because Poly B pipes degrade from the inside out, so they don’t show signs of damage until they’re very close to failing.

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Prevention Beats Restoration

You can’t put a price on peace of mind. Replacing your home’s Poly B piping lets you – and your insurance company – know that the value of your home is protected.

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