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Hillcrest Plumbing—founded over 60 years ago with the intent of meeting the plumbing needs of Greater Vancouver residents while offering competitive prices and guaranteed service—continues to operate today with those same values.Whether it’s regular maintenance or emergency plumbing services, our knowledgeable and licensed plumbers can provide the expertise required for the issue at hand, leaving you with the comfort knowing that it was a job well done.

Hot Water Tank & Heater Installation

Nothing beats having hot water for your consumption and cleaning. Enjoy energy efficient and reliable hot water heater installations with the technicians at Uncle Bill's Hillcrest Plumbing & Heating. We will install, repair, and maintain water heaters in Vancouver, Surrey, and the Lower Mainland area. We have all types of water tanks, so it really depends on your needs and your budget.

Plumbing Repairs

Did you know that a dripping faucet can waste up to 800 litres of water per month? An unneeded expense like that can easily be avoided by calling our experienced team. Not only will we be able to fix the plumbing problem at hand, but we can usually pinpoint and address other plumbing issues that could end up being a potential problem to save you from future inconveniences..

Emergency Plumbing

Have you experienced a plumbing mishap such as a clogged toilet, clogged drain, flooded basement, or slow draining sink during an inconvenient hour or location? Well, you don’t have to worry about tackling the issue yourself or trying to find a temporary solution until you can get a hold of a professional.

If you’re ever stuck in a plumbing rut, call Hillcrest Plumbing at 604-879-1425—24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Toilet Repair

We know how frustrating toilet problems can be, they’re unpleasant to deal with and always seem to happen at the worst times. We at Hillcrest Plumbing specialize in toilet repair and have been assisting Lower mainland residents for over 60 years, we can fix issues like clogged toilets, constantly running toilets, or non-flushing toilets in no time. We can even replace toilets —a potentially messy and challenging task if attempted by a non-expert.

Shower Repair

Toilets aren’t the only areas clogs might happen. If you discover that you have slow draining water, lack of hot water, low water pressure or other issues, it’s wise to call a professional immediately. Ignored problems related to bathtubs or showers can lead to much bigger issues such as higher water bills, mold, or damaged floors—we at Hillcrest Plumbing will be more than happy to help you mitigate these problems with our quick response time and knowledgeable staff.

Water Main Replacement

Broken water main is a huge frustration, and can be very expensive. If you need water main replacement in Lower Mainland and save time and money, then the professionals at Uncle Bill's Hillcrest Plumbing and Heating got you covered. We can provide water main installations without needing to dig around your property and possibly causing neighbourhood disturbance.


You'll never have to wait for service. Get a professional technician at the convenience of you and your family.


Our licensed, trained, screened, and drug tested technicians are ready to assist you in a friendly and professional manner.


We use the latest and best technology when repairing or installing your home's plumbing system.

The Best Plumbing Services in Vancouver - Serving The Lower Mainland Since 1967

Our experiences and certified team can handle any plumbing needs,
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Licensed & Insured

Our team of world-class technicians are fully trained and equipped to help you with all of your plumbing and heating problems. We are licensed, bonded, and insured by BC.

Free Estimates

Call or book an appointment and get your free estimate. Our experts will find out your problem then provide the possible solutions and payment options.

No Hidden Fees

What we quote is what we charge. There are absolutely no hidden fees and no unnecessary services. No surprises, just good quality service.

Quality Guaranteed

With the highest quality plumbing and heating supplies on the market, we guarantee that the quality of service you receive from our plumbers is world-class.

24/7 Availability

We've been in business for over 50 years, so we've seen and dealt with all sorts of emergencies. We respond to all plumbing and heating emergencies right away.

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