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Sewer & Drain Camera Inspection In Vancouver

We inspect, unclog, and fix drain problems for homeowners and businesses across Metro Vancouver.

Drain Inspection For Any Property

Residential Drain Cleaning

Find out why your bathroom, kitchen, and outdoor drains are running slowly.

Residential Drain Inspections

Find out why your bathroom, kitchen, and outdoor drains are running slowly.

Strata Drain Cleaning

Keep your building’s maintenance costs down and tenant satisfaction up.

Camera Drain Inspection

Clear imaging for a clear plan of action.

Drain problems are hard to ignore. At best, they’re a daily annoyance, and at worst, they’ll cost you tens of thousands of dollars in renovations and disruptions to your routine.

Using a specialized, hose-like camera, a drain inspection identifies where – and what – the source of your drainage problems is, letting you make an informed decision about how to move forward and get your plumbing running the way it should be.

Don’t Let Small Drain Problems Become Big Ones

Save time and money with a proactive drain inspection.

When to Get A Sewer Or Drain Inspection

Our Drain Inspection Process

Step 1

Identify The Problem Area(s)

Step 2

Open The Nearest Drain

Step 3

Deploy Our Plumbing Borescope

Step 4

Identify And Diagnose The Issues

Step 5

Provide Recommend Solutions

Choose Hillcrest Plumbing For Your Drain Inspection

There are dozens of companies that’ll push a camera through your plumbing system. The difference between us and them is the expertise of our technicians.

Our crews have worked together on Metro Vancouver’s plumbing systems for decades, and that translates into more accurate drain inspection diagnoses, cost-effective solutions that other plumbers miss, and reliable fixes that are made to handle Raincouver at its worst.

Powered By The RIDGID SeeSnake® With TruSense™

Superb sewer and drain inspection diagnostics in all conditions.

No matter how complex your pipe system is or how far your pipes extend, no drain clog can elude us.

Our industry-leading video inspection gear lets us safely navigate narrow pipes and sharp turns without risking damage to your plumbing, all while delivering crystal clear colour video for accurate assessments even in the darkest conditions.

← Photo by RIDGID — Product: SeeSnake® Compact M40 Camera System with TruSense®

“I am a tradesman and can recommend Hillcrest.”

After 50 years our house perimeter drain collapsed. Hillcrest came in with a good quote but the best feature was the foreman, Paul and his installation crew. They were courteous and professional. One small glitch occurred with the replacement of the rear stairs…but Paul was quick to return to cheerfully rectify the problem.

— Don M.

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Drain Inspection 101

A drain inspection is excellent for identifying blockages and breaks in a pipeline. Blockages are often caused by buildups of clay, dirt, leaves, gravel, or yard waste, while breaks are typically the result of roots, gradual movement in the earth, or accidental construction damage.

Drain inspections are beneficial because they’re more precise, cost-effective, and informative than other methods like breaking down walls or digging trenches. While those kinds of invasive approaches might be needed for repairs, it’s better to diagnose the problem in a less destructive way first.

You should get a drain inspection if you notice signs of problems with your plumbing, like backups, slow drainage, fluctuating water pressure or unusual damp areas.

It’s also highly recommended that you get a drain line inspection as part of your annual property inspection or when you move into a new property.

Yes, a drain inspection can be useful in identifying leaks, but it’s better for identifying readily visible damage that’s causing water to leak. For smaller leaks, our plumbing experts can use moisture inspections and thermographic infrared imaging to pinpoint the source.

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Find The Source of Your Drain Problems

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