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Since 1967, Hillcrest Plumbing and Heating has been delivering the best in heating services to Vancouver and the entire Lower Mainland. When there’s a water heater needing replacement, Vancouverites call us. When there’s an issue with a boiler or furnace, Vancouverites call us. When a radiant heating system is needed, Vancouverites call us.
Every step of the way, residents of Vancouver lean on Hillcrest Plumbing and Heating for quality, reliable heating services.


We offer the following heating services:
  • Water Heater Replacement and Installation
  • Boilers and Furnaces
  • Radiant Heating
  • Gas Fitting
  • Boilers & Furnaces

    Inside your boiler or furnace, there are plenty of different parts that can be affected over time. Whether it’s a cracked or flat-out dysfunctional heat exchanger or a worn-out zone valve motor or thermocouple, there are numerous parts to boilers and furnaces that be the cause of yours breaking down.
    So when your boiler or furnace goes down, make your first call be to Hillcrest Plumbing and Heating. We’ll get you back on track and ready to go.

    Radiant Heating

    Radiant heating systems typically deliver heat through your floors or walls and are some of the most efficient ways to provide heating for a home. The reason it is so efficient is because it heats the surface directly, instead of heating the air along with the walls.
    Radiant heating systems also don’t transfer dust and allergens around as strongly as forced air systems do.
    Learn about the advantages of radiant heating and how Hillcrest Plumbing and Heating can heat your home with a radiant system here.

    Gas Fitting

    Wherever you need gas running to a particular place, whether it’s for a stove or barbecue, it’s extremely important to have gas lines professionally fitted and installed.
    Our professionally trained and certified gas fitters can work on any natural gas installation in and around your home.
    Learn more about our gas fitting services here.


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    We use the latest and best technology when repairing or installing your home's plumbing system.

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    Our experiences and certified team can handle any plumbing needs,
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    Our team of world-class technicians are fully trained and equipped to help you with all of your plumbing and heating problems. We are licensed, bonded, and insured by BC.

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    With the highest quality plumbing and heating supplies on the market, we guarantee that the quality of service you receive from our plumbers is world-class.

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    We've been in business for over 50 years, so we've seen and dealt with all sorts of emergencies. We respond to all plumbing and heating emergencies right away.

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