Vancouver Radiant and Underfloor Heating

Radiant heating is the most comfortable and efficient way to heat your home. With heat distributed evenly throughout the entire room, no spot in the room is ever too cool, too hot, or too drafty.

  • Radiant heating systems are more efficient to operate than electric baseboard units because all of the heating energy is directed to the living space, not heating the air along the walls.
  • With no large amounts of air blown around the room, dust, pollen, and other contaminants are considerably reduced.
  • As there are no air vents or baseboard heaters in the room, you can arrange your furniture as you wish.
  • Radiant heating is silent and odourless
  • No regular cleaning of filters or ducts required
  • No outdoor venting required


Radiant VS Air Heating

Lots of people ask what's the benefit from using a radiant floor heating system instead of warm air heating. The answer is that radiant floor heating is significantly better (up to 3500 times) than air at transporting energy. A home with a radiant floor heating system will be using less energy, and generally people feel much more comfortable even at a lower thermostat setting.


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