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Heat Pump Installation, Repair, And Service In Vancouver

Get fast, certified service on all types of heat pumps, including central, mini-split, and multi-split systems.

  • HPCN-Certified Contractors
  • Included Permit Assistance
  • Service for All Brands & Models

Have questions about heat pump installation or rebates? Call us for certified guidance and a free quote.

Our Heat Pump Services

Heat Pump

Whether it’s a ducted, ductless, air-to-air, or air-to-water system, our certified experts can perform a heat load calculation for your home and install a heat pump that meets your needs.

Heat Pump

Is your heat pump not heating or cooling correctly? Has it suddenly become noisier? We’ll assess your system, identify the issue, and get your heat pump running properly again.

Heat Pump

This is essential for getting the performance you expect from your heat pump. We clean coils and drains, check refrigerant levels, and proactively identify potential issues.

Why Choose Hillcrest?

We’re HPCN-Certified Contractors

It means you get reliable service and access to thousands of dollars in heat pump rebate savings.

We Handle Gas And Electrical Work

That makes your project quicker and simpler if you need a backup gas system or electrical upgrade.

We Guarantee Our Quotes

That way, you can budget confidently for your heat pump installation or repairs.

We Complete All Permits For You

We’ll figure out what your project needs then take care of all the paperwork and communications.

Quality Heat Pump Service Built On 50+ Years Of Local Experience

The difference is in the details. You can count on our technicians to account for key considerations like a weather-safe location, good unit airflow, plus proper sealing on all lines and entry points.

Common Heat Pump Questions

If you already have a central furnace or boiler system, yes, in many cases it’s possible to integrate a heat pump into your existing system or add mini/multi-splits that work alongside it. Keep in mind, though, that this may affect your eligibility for rebates, which can require new heat pumps to fully replace old gas or electric systems.

We certainly can. When we provide your on-site quote, we’ll assess the size and insulation level of your home and recommend available cold climate-rated heat pumps that are suitable for your household’s needs and Vancouver’s multi-season conditions.

Generally, yes, a home can use mini/multi-split heat pumps together with a ducted central heat pump. It simplifies the installation process if some rooms in your home don’t have existing ductwork and can’t easily be connected to the central heating system.

Depending on the municipality you live in or the power output of your heat pump, you may need a permit to install a heat pump. Here in the City of Vancouver, for example, a mechanical permit is required for new heat pump installations. As certified contractors, we can help you get all of the permits your project requires.

Get Energy-Efficient Heating & Cooling

Add year-round comfort with a new heat pump or keep your existing system in peak condition with certified service.

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