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Hot Water Heater Replacement & Repair In Vancouver

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Have a hot water tank that needs to be repaired or replaced? Get expert support and the latest FortisBC savings.

Our Hot Water Heater Services

Hot Water Tank & Heater

Hot water heaters usually last for around 10 years . If yours is failing or you just want to upgrade for more energy savings, we’ll help you replace and dispose of your old unit.

Hot Water Tank & Heater

Noticed inconsistent temperatures or pressure? Not getting hot water at all? We’ll help you find the problem and repair or replace any damaged components like valves or sensors.

Hot Water Tank & Heater

If you’d like to switch from a hot water tank to a tankless water heater, or you’re building a new home and need a water heater installed, our technicians are ready to help.

Why Choose Hillcrest?

We Provide Same-Day Replacement

Homes need hot water. That’s why aim for same-day replacement if you need a new water tank.

We’re Certified Gas & Plumbing Experts

You get fast, reliable repairs and installation without needing multiple service bookings.

We Avoid Cutting Or Digging

Sometimes they’re necessary, but we try to keep our projects as mess-free as we can.

We Guarantee Our Quotes

Zero hidden fees, ever. After all, what’s the point of a quote if you can’t rely on it?

50+ Years Of Repairing And Replacing Vancouver’s Hot Water Tanks

Whether it’s a leak, low water pressure, or noisy unit, local homeowners know we’ll take care of it quickly and reliably.

Common Hot Water Tank & Heater Questions

We certainly do! We provide repairs, replacement, and maintenance for existing tankless water heaters. If your home currently uses a hot water tank, we can also help you switch to a tankless water heater that’ll provide the same (or better!) levels of performance that you’re used to from your hot water tank.

Our technicians provide complete service for both natural gas and electric hot water tanks. We’re able to work with all brands and models!

Absolutely. It’s an important part of extending the lifespan and energy-efficiency of your heater. If you’d like to schedule annual or seasonal service, you can easily book an appointment by calling or messaging us online.

There are some common signs that a hot water tank needs to be replaced. You should look out for:

  • Pooling water around the water tank
  • Hot water that’s cloudy or has sediment in it
  • Inconsistent water temperatures during use
  • Rumbling noises from within the unit
  • A unit age beyond 8 to 12 years

Get Reliable, Energy-Efficient Hot Water

With our certified experts, your water heater will be reliably repaired or installed quickly — maybe even today!

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