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Toilet Installation And Repair In Vancouver

Have an old toilet that’s leaking or clogged? Need a new toilet installed? Get it working quickly and reliably with our plumbing experts.

  • Available 24/7 Service
  • A+ BBB Accreditation
  • Fully Licensed & Insured

Have a clogged or leaking toilet? Get fast toilet repair service from our Vancouver plumbing experts.

Our Toilet Services


Bought a new toilet? Our experts can install everything from traditional toilets to tankless and smart models. We handle bidet installation, too!


Every household needs working toilets. If you have a clogged or leaking toilet, our available 24/7 service means you can count on us to get the problem solved ASAP.


Need to replace part of your toilet? Our expert plumbers can replace broken tanks, handles, chains, and other components to help you avoid a complete replacement.

Why Choose Hillcrest?

We're Fully Licensed & Insured

It means we do things the right way and that you’re 100% protected if there’s an accident.

We Offer Emergency Toilet Repair Service

Bad leaks and clogs need to be taken care of ASAP. If that happens, we’ll be there.

We Never Use Hidden Fees

Our quotes are 100% guaranteed. We never apply hidden or add-on fees to your service.

We Keep Messes To A Minimum

We’re committed to respecting your home, opting to cut or dig only as a last resort.

Keeping Vancouver’s Toilets
Flushing For 50+ Years

When they have a toilet problem, locals know they can count on our plumbers to fix it. See what they say about our service.

Common Toilet Repair & Installation Questions

There’s no hard and fast rule. For example, if you’re looking to save on water use and have a very old toilet, it might make sense to replace it with a newer model even if it doesn’t *need* to be replaced. If you’re generally happy with how your toilet runs, and it isn’t at risk of breaking or leaking, you probably don’t need to replace it.

Certainly. If you’re replacing an old toilet as part of an installation project and need it to be taken away, let our plumbers know and they can remove it for proper disposal.

We absolutely can. Whether it’s a simple installation just using the existing water line, or a more complex one with hot water and smart functionality, we can help you install it as long as it’s compatible with your toilet.

Yes, we do. While the installation process is a little bit different and requires your toilet to have an electrical connection, it’s something our certified technicians are trained to handle.

Quickly Get Your Toilet Working Again

A reliable, working toilet is a must-have. If you need urgent service or are ready to schedule installation, give us a call.

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