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Water Line Replacement In Vancouver

Showers, taps, washing machines – they all depend on your water line. Our technicians will make sure it never lets you down.

Quick and clean trenchless water line replacement

50+ years of top-rated water line service

Fully licensed, insured, 
and bonded

Complete Water Line Service

Water Line Replacement

Quickly and cleanly replace your old water line with trenchless service.

Water Line Repair

Affordably change broken fittings and clear blockages to restore your water line.

Water Line Inspection

Find and fix water line problems before they cause costly property damage.

You Need Water

But if your water line is broken or blocked, your home or business can’t always get the water it needs – and might even be looking at a hefty restoration bill.

Our water line services help you avoid that. With thorough multi-point inspections, tidy trenchless service, and affordable, value-focused rates, we keep the water flowing wherever and whenever you need it.

Signs Your Water Line Needs Attention

Your water is smelly or dirty

Your yard is always damp even without rain

Your water bill suddenly increases

Your walls or ceilings show water staining

Your water pressure is inconsistent

Protecting Your Water Line Is Protecting Your Wallet

Water damage is costly. In Canada, the average leak costs $2700 to repair, and basement restorations are around $40,000.

What To Expect

Step 1


Call us to get emergency help with a water line leak, or schedule a repair or inspection for later.

Step 2


We’ll investigate your property’s plumbing to determine if there’s an issue or what it is, then provide you with a complete quote and repair plan.

Step 3


From full trenchless water line replacement to minor valve repairs, we’ll quickly and cleanly complete any service work your water line needs.

Why Choose Hillcrest Plumbing & Heating?

We’re Your Water Line Help Line

Lots of plumbing companies have trenchless water main capabilities and water main services.

What they don’t have is our decades of local, neighborhood-specific experience.

At Hillcrest, we don’t have a revolving door of plumbers – we have qualified technicians who know the buildings, types of materials, and plumbing systems in the areas they service. 

It means less time spent looking for problems, more attention where it matters, and – most importantly – better value for you.

Serving The Entire Lower Mainland

Common Water Line Questions

If you’re a very handy person, it’s doable. But we really wouldn’t recommend it – your water line is a critical part of your property’s utility infrastructure. We appreciate being hands-on and saving a few bucks as much as anyone, but this probably isn’t the right time for that.

Unfortunately, no. There are times when a water main isn’t accessible with the trenchless approach, and we’ll need to dig up part of the property. It isn’t ideal, but we believe it’s better to do things properly even if it means temporarily disrupting the look of your yard.

Water lines naturally wear down over time, but they typically last for 40-50 years before they need to be replaced because of age. However, temperature and pressure changes on or in the pipe can weaken it, as can tree roots or shifting of the surrounding soil.

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