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Shower And Bathtub Repair Service In Vancouver

Get reliable repairs for clogs, leaks, low water pressure, and other common 
shower problems.

  • Available 24/7 Service
  • A+ BBB Accreditation
  • Fully Licensed & Insured

Is your shower leaking? Is there no hot water? Call our experts for a fast, easy solution.

Our Shower & Tub Repair Services

Leaky Shower

Persistent leaks are annoying to listen to and can quickly add up on your water bills. Whether it’s a worn seal or a cracked fitting, our experts will quickly find and fix the leak at the source.

Inconsistent Or Low Water Pressure

These are typically caused by mineral deposits that have clogged a valve, screen or pipe. We’ll help you clear the blockage and show you how to minimize future mineral build-ups.

No Hot Water

Mixing valve or anti-scald device problems can cause your shower to only deliver cold or warm water. With a full system inspection, we’ll find the issue and get your hot water running again.

Why Choose Hillcrest?

Licensed & Insured Plumbers

You get full liability protection and the peace of mind that your installation is 100% up to code.

No Surprise Fees Or Charges

All of our project quotes are guaranteed, so you’ll only ever pay what you’re initially quoted.

A Commitment To Cleanliness

We only cut or dig when we have to, because fixing one mess shouldn’t create another one.

24/7 Emergency Service

Found a leak that needs immediate attention? Give us a call and we’ll be there in just minutes.

50+ Years Of Shower And Tub
Repairs In Vancouver

Trust is earned — and we’ve been earning it for decades with hundreds of online reviews and A+ accreditation from the BBB.

Common Shower Repair Questions

In many cases, yes, but not always. Some repairs can be completed without breaking up the surrounding wall. It’s the option our plumbers always choose if it’s available and won’t compromise the long-term reliability of the fix.

It depends on how old your existing shower installation is. It’s usually possible, but in some cases – typically with very old fittings – the features in newer shower fittings aren’t compatible with old plumbing hardware. If you know which fittings you’re interested in upgrading to, our plumbers can tell you whether they’re compatible with your shower’s existing plumbing.

In most cases it just takes a few hours of repair work before your shower is ready to use again. With that being said, if we uncover a more significant problem or need to apply sealant on a new installation, you may need to wait for a day or two before you can use the shower or bathtub again.

Yes, if you already have the fixtures you want, we can usually help you install them as part of a repair job. 

Make Your Shower A Place To Relax Again

Get leaks, low pressure, and water temperature issues fixed quickly. Call for a free quote!

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