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Backflow Testing in Vancouver

Just go with the flow? Bad idea.

Plumbing should run one way: clean water in, dirty water out. But if pressure levels change, sewage can start to back up – and it’s backflow testing that keeps you protected.

We do the paperwork, you just submit it for approval.

Our technicians know your city’s specific requirements.

We’re certified by the BC Water & Waste Association.

Backflow Testing for Businesses, Homes, and Stratas

Annual Backflow Preventer Testing

Get municipality-certified backflow testing for your home or business.

Backflow Preventer Installation

Take care of installation and testing at the same time on new properties.

Backflow Preventer Repairs

Ensure your faulty or damaged backflow preventer is properly repaired.

Backflow Preventer Relocation

Safely move, test, and recertify a backflow preventer during plumbing work.

Backflow Testing is Mandatory

It’s essential for businesses and larger residential complexes.

If you’re a business owner or facility manager, people are counting on you to provide clean water at your properties. Not only that – in most municipalities, it’s an annual requirement.

It’s easy to understand why – backflow testing ensures dirty, contaminated water can’t mix together with clean water.

In other words: properly functioning backflow devices are the difference between safe and unsafe water.

Don’t know if you need backflow testing?

We know the municipal requirements across Metro Vancouver and can help you find out if you need backflow testing.

When To Get Backflow Testing

On new installations

After device replacement

For annual recertification

After device relocation

After repairs/internal cleaning

After backflow piping is changed

How It Works

Step 1

Talk to Us

Schedule an appointment right away or get help figuring out your property’s testing needs. Either way, we’ve got you.

Step 2

Get Tested

From just inspection and testing to repairs and installation, we’ll make sure your system is fully compliant and problem-free.

Step 3

Submit the Results

We take care of everything – even the paperwork. Once we’re finished, all you’ll need to do is submit the results to the city.

Why Choose Hillcrest Plumbing & Heating?

With Us, You’ll Ace Your Tests

As a business owner or facility manager, you’re busy – the last thing you need is more paperwork to complete and another item on your to-do list.

We make it easy to cross backflow testing off that list.

No matter where you are or what type of property you have, our 5-plus decades of experience lets us take care of everything.

We don’t just do backflow testing – we’re a full-service plumbing and heating company, and that means we understand every part of your building’s utilities and can quickly, cleanly, and cost-effectively take care of it – no subcontracting needed.

Don’t let small problems become big ones

Study Up on Backflow Testing

Backflow testing involves testing your plumbing system and backflow preventers to ensure that sewage can’t flow in reverse and contaminate clean water.

A backflow test is performed by assessing the placement, setup, and valves of your backflow preventer.

The price varies depending on the plumbing system. For example, a complex industrial plumbing system that deals with very hot or very cold liquids would cost more to test than a standard residential system.

Backflow testing is mandatory for commercial properties (and some residential ones) because sewage backflow can very quickly cause serious and even fatal illnesses if many people are exposed to contaminated water.

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Schedule Your Backflow Preventer Testing

This is one test you don’t want to skip.

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