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Gas Fitting Service In Vancouver

Permits, installation, testing — we take care of everything your gas appliances need.

  • A+ BBB Accreditation
  • Fully Licensed & Insured
  • Guaranteed Quotes

Complete installation and service for BBQ, stove, fireplace, boiler, and furnace lines.

Our Natural Gas Line Services

Gas Line

Whether you’re upgrading your kitchen with a new range or adding a BBQ to your backyard, our experts can install your gas line quickly, safely, and 100% up to code.

Gas Line

Noticed cracked fittings or a rotten egg smell? Don’t risk your health and home. Our gas fitters can help you find and repair cracks, leaks, and loose piping in your gas system.

Gas Line

With a detailed multipoint inspection of your pipes, connections, and fittings, we help you maintain high efficiency and avoid unnecessary wear and tear on your appliances.

Why Choose Hillcrest?

We’re Fully Licensed And Insured

It means your installation is always up to code and that you’re protected if anything happens.

We Guarantee Our Quotes

Forget about hidden fees or charges. With us, you’ll only ever pay what you were quoted.

We Clean Up After Ourselves

We do our best to avoid cutting or digging and arrange for cleanup and disposal if needed.

We’re Also Drainage Experts

It’s essential that underground gas lines are installed without disrupting your drainage system.

Vancouverites Trust Our Gas Fitters

Our certified gas fitters have helped thousands of Vancouver homes and businesses get safe, reliable access to natural gas.

Common Gas Line Questions

It certainly can be! Even FortisBC states that “natural gas remains an affordable option compared to other energy choices such as electricity.” It isn’t just long-term savings either – with FortisBC’s rebates, you can save up front when you upgrade to an eligible natural gas option.

While natural gas is still a fossil fuel, it’s a much cleaner option than coal or propane. It gives off large amounts of energy and burns far more cleanly, making it a great option for those who are environmentally conscious.

Generally, yes, with professional planning an installation, most homes can switch from an electric stove or range to one that runs on natural gas. It’s a very popular conversion project for cooking enthusiasts.

It does, making it one of the most reliable and safe options for powering your appliances. You can continue to use many natural gas-powered appliances even during power outages.

Make Gas Line Service Completely Stress-Free

Start with a free quote. Enjoy all the advantages of natural gas without any of the hassles.

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