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Gas Fitting & Installation in Vancouver:

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There is nothing worse than running out of propane halfway through a family cookout. Our experienced gas fitting technicians can help make sure you are able to grill all summer long! Our experts have years of experience in pulling gas lines for many types of configurations, so all you will need to do is turn on the grill. 

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Moving or repairing natural gas lines is definitely a job for the professionals. Do you need your water heater installed or moved for a basement renovation? Perhaps you’re considering running gas to your stove or barbecue?  One of the key benefits to installing natural gas is a consistent, versatile source of energy. Your natural gas line can be used in the home to fuel other appliances such as clothes dryers, fireplaces, barbecues that never need refilling, natural gas cooktops, ovens and ranges. Our licensed, professional gas fitters are equipped to work on any type of natural gas installation or repair in your residential home.

We Provide the Full Range of Gas Fitting Services

Hillcrest Plumbing offers a broad range of services including repairs, safety inspections, design, installation and maintenance of residential natural gas & propane appliances such as fireplaces, furnaces, central heating systems, pool heaters, patio heaters, gas ranges and barbecues. Hillcrest Plumbing and Heating can install:

Gas Line Repair 

Natural gas leaks can be caused by leaking, loose, cracked or poorly supported pipes. This is often the result of inefficient installation, age or natural wear and tear. Many households in the Lower Mainland use natural gas lines to heat their homes and run their appliances. Gas is a safe and sustainable source of energy and gas leaks are rare. However, they can still happen and there are precautions in place to help homeowners identify gas leaks if they occur.  Natural gas does not have an odour that can be easily identified by humans. That is why natural gas companies add a harmless chemical to the gas called mercaptan. This chemical gives natural gas a distinct, bad smell, like rotten eggs. If you smell rotten eggs in your home, it is a strong indicator that you require gas line repair.  If you smell gas in your home, it’s important that you evacuate yourself and your family immediately. Natural gas is not harmful in small amounts but it can have severe effects on your breathing and health if you are over exposed. Call your natural gas provider and let them know that you suspect a leak. They can shut off the supply until your system is repaired. Then contact Hillcrest Plumbing and Heating for natural gas line repairs in Vancouver and throughout the lower mainland. If the gas leak happens outside of our regular hours, we also offer 24/7 emergency services, so you can get help right away. 

Gas Line Installation and Connections 

It is best to avoid risky and costly DIY mistakes and leave gas line installation to the professionals at Hillcrest Plumbing and Heating  Whether you are switching services, you are renovating or you have recently moved homes, gas line installation is a process best handled by certified gas fitters. At Hillcrest Plumbing and Heating, your gas fitter has the tools, experience and equipment needed to get the job done efficiently.  Often, gas lines are installed below ground, which makes it a safe source of fuel as it is less likely to be disrupted. Gas line installation is a quick process and your gas fitter will have it finished safely. 

Gas Line Maintenance 

The key to preventing gas leaks is frequent system maintenance. We suggest you have your gas line inspected every year by a professional, or sooner, if you suspect any problems. During a maintenance visit, your gas fitter will carefully inspect your pipe and connections to look for signs of corrosion or damage. If needed, they will replace pipes that are wearing out, tighten them or seal them if needed.  There are several signs that indicate it’s time for gas line maintenance or repair: 
  • Higher Gas Bill – If you notice your gas bill has gone up, it’s possible you have a gas leak and you are using more gas as a result. 
  • Noises – Sounds such as a hissing can indicate that gas is slowly escaping your pipes and leaking out into your air.
  • Visible Signs of Damage – If you notice visible rust or cracks in your pipes, it’s a sign that you’re at risk for gas leaks due to pipe damage.
Maintenance checks give you the peace of mind, knowing that you have taken steps to prevent more serious problems in the future. 

Benefits of Natural Gas: A Cleaner Way To Heat Your Home

There are many different benefits to using natural gas. For one, it is affordable and it is considered a green energy source in BC. This is because it has lower emissions with a high energy output. It can be used to heat your home, fuel your appliances and generate electricity. It does not use electricity so your furnace and appliances will still run and heat your home if you run out of power. 

Natural Gas is More Affordable

As mentioned by FortisBC, “natural gas is about one third the cost of electricity in BC, so it’s a great energy choice for British Columbians who want to save money.” Another excellent reason to switch to natural gas is the many rebates currently available. When you connect to natural gas or install a new natural gas heater, you are eligible for up to $2,700 in rebates from FortisBC.

Natural Gas is Better for the Environment

Natural gas is often a preferred option because it is considered to be better for the environment. Natural gas is still a fossil fuel, primarily made up of methane, this means that it is a non renewable resource, like oil. However, Natural gas gives off large amounts of energy and burns far more cleanly than other forms of fuel such as coal or propane. It is a good option for those who are environmentally conscious. 

Natural Gas is Reliable

Natural gas is a safe option for your home. It does not require electricity to run and is thus, very reliable and versatile, you essentially will not run out of fuel. It can be used to power a variety of appliances as well as home heating systems such as your furnace. Gas power is not affected by power outages so you will still be able to cook and heat your home if the power goes out in your area. 

What is the difference between a plumber and gasfitter?

The main differences between a plumber and a gasfitter are the qualifications and licenses they hold, as well as the work they are legally able to perform. At a top level a plumber may also be a gasfitter, if they have completed both licenses.  All of our plumbers and gasfitters are certified in BC and have extensive experience in the field. Your safety and the safety of your home and family is our biggest priority. We know that having the right team is the only way to provide you with the quality service you deserve. Hillcrest Plumbing can easily install, test, maintain and repair propane or natural gas lines, appliances, equipment and accessories in residential and commercial properties. 

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Simply call one of our customer service reps in our Vancouver location and they will arrange to have one of our licensed gas fitters on site. We service all areas of Vancouver and the Lower Mainland and can assist with gas fittings, gas line installation, quotes, repairs and maintenance.  Our team of friendly, qualified professionals will answer any additional questions you may have about gas fitting services. We also offer 24/7 Emergency Plumbing and Heating Services. Call and a representative will be on site as soon as possible, when you need them most.  Contact your Gas Fitting Vancouver experts for any of your gas fitting needs and you will learn why customer satisfaction is number one on our priority list. Call 604-879-1415 or contact us today. 



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