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Drain Service In Vancouver

Bad drainage is a flood waiting to happen. Take care of your drains today, avoid higher insurance costs and thousands in water damage tomorrow.

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  • A+ BBB Accredited

“The average cost of repairing a flooded basement is over $40,000.
The cost of preventing a flooded basement is about $250.”

Find & Prevent Issues

Drain Inspection

Avoid spending thousands on major repairs by catching them when they’re small — or preventing them in the first place.

  • Interior & exterior assessment
  • Trench-free inspections
  • Itemized recommendations
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Fix Drain Problems

Drainage & Sewer Repair

The signs are there. You know there’s a problem with your drains. So don’t make the costly mistake of ignoring it until it gets worse.

  • High-quality replacement pipes
  • Code-approved repairs
  • For homes and businesses
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Stop Pooling Water

Drain Tile Services

If water is building up already, there’s a high risk of flooding and damage with heavy rainfall. Prevent that with better drainage.

  • Spot repairs or full system upgrades
  • Trenchless blockage clearing
  • Strong, durable PVC replacement pipes
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Halt Wastewater Backups

Backflow Testing

For your health, legal requirements, and smart property care. Test your backflow devices and keep wastewater where it belongs.

  • We handle all the paperwork
  • BCWWA-certified for device testing
  • Tests based on city-specific requirements
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Keep Drains Clear

Sewer & Drain Cleaning

It doesn’t take much for a slow drain to become a blocked drain that costs you thousands. Get it cleaned before that happens.

  • Safe, non-damaging solutions
  • Minimally-invasive approach
  • For homes and businesses
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Let Our Drain Experts Protect You

We’re Licensed And Insured

In other words: we do things the right way, and you’re protected if a project hits a snag.

We Keep Things Tidy

We avoid cutting or digging when we can, and we take care of cleanup and disposal for you.

We’re Local Experts

With assigned areas, our technicians know the drainage and water conditions where they work.

We Never Have Hidden Fees

The estimate you receive is the amount you pay. No surprise costs or hidden extra charges.

What Our Customers Say

Drainage Service Done Right

Read what real customers say. See the honesty, courtesy, and high standards our technicians bring to every project they work on.


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Are Your Drains Ready For
The New Raincouver?

Intense and concentrated rainfall from atmospheric rivers is the new norm — and it’s only going to get worse.
That’s bad news for your drainage system, putting it under higher stress and raising the risk of flooding or backups.

Common Drain Service Questions


We (almost) always choose the least invasive or damaging option available for a project.

However, in some cases cutting or digging can’t be avoided, and in others, those may be better choices for lowering your total cost or completing a project on your timeline. We’ll always consult with you before cutting or digging.

Here in Metro Vancouver, the average cost to clean a drain is around $250. However, that cost can be as low as $99 for simple projects or as high as nearly $1000 for complex, challenging blockages.

Our technicians will always provide you with a firm quote before starting on a project, so you’ll know exactly what you need to pay — no surprises.

Experts recommend flushed your drains and checking for potential blockages or damage every 6 months to 1 year.

That’s especially important for businesses, as it only takes a single blockage or backup to cause damage, health issues, and service interruptions that can significantly affect a business’ financial health.

Absolutely. Perimeter drains are designed to redirect water around your property and prevent it from building up in any one place; if those drains are fully or partially blocked, water can’t flow away the way it was meant to, leading to pooling water around your property.

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When You Ignore Slow Drains, The Bills Pile Up Fast

Protect your pocketbook by making sure your drains are ready for even the heaviest rains. Contact us to get a free quote and schedule a service call!

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