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How To Unclog Your Shower In Seconds

Your shower is an essential part of your home. As one of the most heavily used appliances, it is vital that your shower stays in good working order.

There are many reasons for your shower to stop working, but the most common and easiest to fix is the classic shower clog. Here are a few tips on what to do if you notice that your shower is draining slower than usual.

Inspect The Drain

As soon as you notice the shower draining slowly, turn off the water and take a look at the drain. Remove any visible blockages that could lead to clogs.

This can be anything from a clump of hair to an abandoned bath toy. If there is a visible blockage at the drainage site, try to remove it. Once removed, run the water again to test whether or not the rate of drainage returns to normal.

If there is no visible blockage, try using a flashlight to see if there is anything lodged slightly deeper in the pipes.

Remove The Drain Cover

Some shower drains are easily removed by hand. You can simply pull them out and inspect the drain below. Other drain covers have to be manually unscrewed. Use a screwdriver if this is the case.

Look inside the drain with a flashlight and look for a visible clog or blockages in the pipes. You can use a plumbers snake to remove any blockages that sit deeper down the drain.

Use A Plunger

If water has collected around the drain and you are unable to see clearly through the drain pipe, you should use a plunger to try and dislodge the clog.

You may need to scoop some of the water out of the shower before you start plunging. Plunging a shower drain is often less successful than using a plunger for your sink or toilet, however, it can be beneficial nonetheless.

Boil Water

It’s quite possible that the clog in your shower is from old soap scum and grease. In this case, it is a good idea to use boiling water. The heat can melt away any debris that may be clogging the pipes or holding a clog in place.

Use Baking Soda And Vinegar

These two kitchen staples can effectively clear a drain in a matter of minutes. The classic, explosive chemical reaction formed between these two elements is the perfect remedy for a simple clogged drain. You have to combine this method with the previous boiling water method. First, pour a pot of boiling hot water down your shower drain.

Pour baking soda in after the hot water. Pour a generous amount. Wait a few minutes for the mixture to settle. The baking soda will cling to anything leftover in the drain after the hot water.

After a few minutes of letting the baking soda sit, pour in several cups of the vinegar. The combination will immediately begin to bubble and ideally dislodge the blockage.

Call Your Plumber

A clogged and leaking shower can become a serious problem in no time. It can lead to permanent water damage to your home. If you have a stubborn clog it is a good idea to call your plumber. Why waste your day toiling over a clogged shower when a professional can save you time.

At Hillcrest Plumbing, we have over 50 years of experience in the plumbing and heating industry. Our experts have the education and experience they need to successfully unclog your shower, and take care of any of your other plumbing needs. Call Hillcrest Plumbing today and get that shower running smoothly.

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