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How to Fix a Dripping Shower Head

No one likes the sound of constant water droplets coming from the shower. It indicates that you may have a leak! Leaks in the shower can cost you a lot of money on your water bill. It’s also a waste of water, which is bad for the environment.

There’s no need to worry however, you can put away your duct tape, there are several different ways to fix a leaky shower head.

1) Tighten The Shower Handles

There could be many reasons that your shower is leaking. Take care of the first and most obvious reason and tighten each handle to be sure it is fully turned off. This may seem like a simple solution, but it is often the case, especially if you have children, that the handles aren’t turned off.

2) Turn Off The Water Valve

If the shower head continues to leak, it’s a good idea to turn off the water, before you attempt to fix it. In some homes, you can’t access the water valves to your shower. In this case, the valves are in your wall, inaccessible unless you tear part of it down.

Other homes have the shut-off valve in the basement or in the bathroom. If you have the option to turn the water off, do so. If not, tightening the H/C shower handles is the best you can do.

When you do not have an accessible water valve specifically for your shower, but there is a lot of water leaking, turn off the main water valve for your house. This is usually located outside. Do this in an emergency if there is a large amount of water collecting.

3) Unscrew The Shower Head From The Wall To Fix Old Parts

This can often be done by hand if you have a good grip on the shower head. Unscrew it from its position and proceed to inspect the pipe behind it. A common cause of leaks is simple wear and tear over time. Take a look inside the pipe.

A fixture inside called the “O band” gets worn out and can crack with exposure to oxygen. Take a look and check for any signs of wear and tear. You can purchase replacement O bands at your local hardware store.

4) Check For Mineral Deposits That May Be Causing Leaks

Hard water, water that is rich in minerals, can often clog your shower head. This can cause backups in the pipes and lead to excess pressure and leaks.

To clean your shower head and remove mineral deposits, simply remove the shower head. Immerse the face of the shower head in a bath of white vinegar.

Leave it in the vinegar for an entire day. This will wear away the mineral deposits and buildup. Remove the shower head from the mixture and manually wipe away any leftover mineral deposits.

You can screw it back onto the pipe in your shower and test the flow. The water should flow much better and the leaking should be gone.

6) Call A Plumber

If replacing older parts and cleaning your shower head doesn’t work, there may be something more serious going on. If there is a large amount of water rushing from the shower head, or the problem worsens after you’ve tried to repair it, you should call your plumber.

Letting the leak persist will cause water damage to your home, waste water and waste your money in the water bill. Hillcrest Plumbing does shower repair along with a host of other plumbing services.

We have over 50 years of experience and have a highly educated team of trustworthy plumbing professionals. Contact us today and get that shower fixed once and for all!


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