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Top Ten Plumbing Fixes

The top ten plumbing fixes that you can save time and money by DIY with tools you already have on hand.

  1. The leaky faucet:  Most dripping faucets you can repair yourself in about an hour.  First, you will need to determine where the leak is coming from.  Is it at the base or at the tip of the spout?  Next, you’ll want to turn off the water, or at least the shut off valve to that faucet and then lift the lever on the faucet to drain out the excess water.  Once this is done you will take the faucet apart and examine the parts for any signs of wear or damage.  Take the old parts to the store and buy replacement parts.  Put it all back together and you should be good to go.
  2. Leaks in the joints of plumbing: Threaded connections are often the source for leaks in the joints of plumbing.  It is important that they are wrapped with Teflon tape or Teflon joint pipe compound in order to create a water tight seal that won’t leak.
  3. A Running Toilet: Running toilets are a common problem with an easy fix that will cost you less than $10 and shouldn’t take more than ten minutes to repair.  Remove the back of the toilet and flush.  You will usually find that the cause of a running toilet is due to a faulty flapper which can be purchased at the hardware store for $5-$8 and you just remove one and connect the new one.  There aren’t even any tools needed for this fix.
  4. Clogged Bathtub Drains:  Bath tub drains tend to get clogged often.  This is another one that can be fixed without using any tools.  By simply removing the stopper and fishing out any visible debris and hair, most clogs will often be eliminated.
  5. Fixing a Clogged Toilet:  Using a plunger, you will be able to fix 90% of all toilet clogs.  Simply put the plunger into the base of the toilet and compress it and pull back softly.  Repeat this several times as needed until the clog loosens and the water circles down the drain.
  6. Hidden Plumbing Leaks:  Most leaks can be stopped and prevented from causing serious damage if they’re repaired quickly enough.  The hidden leaks are often around bathtubs, showers, toilets, and sinks.  Generally, identifying the source of the leak and then re-caulking the area will do the trick to fix these problems.
  7. A Leaky Water Heater: Water heaters undergo a large amount of pressure most of the time which can often lead to leaks that originate from the pressure valve or the drain valve.  By checking for mineral deposits and cleaning them out, one is more likely to avoid such situations.  They can also be easily fixed by applying a simple cap.
  8. Fix A Water Softener:  Most problems with water softeners can be resolved by checking the brine tank for problems that are caused by salt and by clearing the resin bed.
  9. Replace a Shut Off Valve: Though valves can be removed and rebuilt, it is often best to remove and replace old valves with updated quarter turn valves.  To replace the valve remove it and identify what kind of valve it is, then replace it with an updated version of the same type.
  10. Removing a Stuck Cleanout Plug:  Sometimes tough clogs will cause for the removal of the cleanout plug, which is there as a failsafe for the pipes so as to allow easier access to unclog them if necessary.  They can be pried open using a pipe wrench, heat, and if needed, a hacksaw.

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