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Top 5 Plumbing Myths Debunked

There are many “quick fixes” and solutions to plumbing problems that have been passed down over time. These plumbing myths can actually end up causing more harm than good in the long run. Get the facts straight, here are our top 5 most frequently heard plumbing myths.

1. Running Water Helps The Garburator

Running water doesn’t really affect how your garburator runs. Many people think that running the tap will help the garburator process large amounts of food scraps. In reality, it has no effect. This myth can be harmful because it can lead to overfilled garburators, which eventually lead to clogs. Don’t overfill your garburator to start with!

2. Never Shower In A Thunderstorm

This is a widely popular myth and remains widely believed to this day. There has always been a superstitious element to showering in a thunderstorm. The basic myth comes from the fact that water conducts electricity. A thunderstorm is natures way of releasing mass amounts of static electricity all at once, the result is the strong electrical currents that we can actually see – lightning. Lightning bolts can technically strike anywhere, they strike at random, but it’s highly unlikely that your shower will have anything to do with where it hits. It’s far more likely that a local pond or tall metal object like a light post will be the target.

3. A Plunger Can Fix Any Clog

A plunger can certainly fix small clogs in your sink, or toilet. But it is certainly not the solution to every clog in the books. Call your plumber if there is a persistent clog, or if you find that your shower or sink drains more slowly than usual, it’s usually a sign of a more serious plumbing issue.

4. It’s Okay To Flush A Goldfish Down The Toilet

If your goldfish had died, flushing it down the toilet isn’t the most graceful way to go, but it won’t be a huge problem for your plumbing. The problem arises when you try to flush your live goldfish down the toilet. Goldfish often survive this process and end up in your cities drainage system. When Goldie enters the city sewage system, he can actually find his way into your local freshwater sources. In most regions, goldfish are not a native species. This means that they can actually become an invasive problem for your local ecosystem. Goldfish can grow to be much larger than the tiny versions you see in pet stores. They can actually end up threatening the local population of fish in your cities ponds. Don’t believe that your tiny goldfish can wreak havoc on the local environment? Find out more about invasive goldfish here.

5. Leaking Faucets Aren’t A Big Deal

It’s true, a leaking faucet isn’t the end of the world. But it’s still a waste of water that can build up over time. A simple drop of water dripping every few seconds could easily fill a bathtub in a week. This can build up to be a tremendous waste of otherwise perfectly drinkable water. Calculate exactly how much water you’ll waste in a year here.

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