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Selling Your Home? How To Prepare Your Plumbing For A Full House Inspection

Whether you are selling your home or simply getting ready for a property assessment, it is a good idea to know the value of your home.

A home inspection ensures that everything on your property is in good, working order. It helps you gauge the market value of your property, as well as figure out what needs maintenance and repair.

An important aspect of the full house inspection is plumbing. There are a lot of things that can go wrong with your plumbing system and when problems do arise, they are often time sensitive emergencies. Your home inspector will check your plumbing to see if it is working effectively.

You will have an easier experience during the home inspection if you prepare for the inspection in advance. Check to be sure your plumbing system is in order and get repairs before the home inspection!

What Will The Home Inspector Look For?

The home inspector needs to be sure that your house is safe and functional. They will test all of your appliances, as well as check the age of your home and your recent upgrades. They need to be sure that your home is safe, functional, and viable for prospective buyers.

The home inspector will look for signs of deterioration and decay on the exterior of your home. Any outlying cracks or discoloration indicate signs of water damage or age in the home. These may need to be repaired before inspection, or after if it is recommended.

The home inspector isn’t out to find problems in your home, they simply are checking to be sure everything is working and safe. A key component to doing well in the home inspection is making sure your plumbing is in good working order.

How To Prepare Your Plumbing For A Home Inspection

The home inspector will not check your entire plumbing system, however, they will be looking for functionality in your plumbing. A general home inspection is different from a plumbing inspection, which is much more in-depth as it is just focused on plumbing.

It is a good idea, whether you are preparing for a home inspection, or a plumbing inspection, to be sure your plumbing is in good working order. The home inspector will check to ensure that all of your taps run and that the water drains at an appropriate speed.

They will check to see if all of the toilets flush properly and that all of the baths and showers are working and draining well. They will scan the home for common signs of water damage such as cracks, uneven drywall, and stains in the ceiling or flooring.

An easy way to prepare for your home inspection by keeping these things in mind. Home inspectors look for these signs when assessing your plumbing:

  • Be sure all drains are working
  • Check water levels
  • Be sure nothing is leaking
  • Check for water damage and have it repaired
  • Check to see that your shower drains work
  • Check your basement for mold or dampness
  • Look for cracks and blockages

These are the major things that the home inspector will be looking for. It is a best practice to prepare before the inspection by addressing these major aspects first.

Clean Your House Thoroughly Before Any Home Inspection

Your home inspector wants to be sure that your house is working at its best. That’s why it is important for it to look its best too. The home inspector will appreciate that your house is clean and easy to navigate.

It will help them see that the house is well taken care of and that the owners are responsible. your plumbing is important in the home inspection, but you’ll want to think of the whole picture too.

Be sure that your home is clean and presentable. If you are trying to sell your home after the inspection, this is especially important.

Ask Your Plumber About Plumbing Inspections

If you are checking your plumbing systems to prepare for a home inspection, or the home inspector recommends that you update your plumbing system, you may need professional help. At Hillcrest Plumbing, we know the importance of keeping your house looking its best, and working effectively.

We offer 24h emergency service for those experiencing a plumbing emergency. We also offer plumbing assessments and maintenance. Come on in to Hillcrest Plumbing for all of your plumbing needs.


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