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4 Most Common Plumbing Problems During Winter

Cold temperatures can wreak havoc on your plumbing system. Making sure that you prepare your plumbing system for winter is highly important. However, even the homeowners who have spent months in preparation for the cold months are subject to some plumbing issues. Your pipes are the most vulnerable during cold months, and finding your pipes frozen is something that nobody wants to experience. Here are some of the most common winter plumbing problems you may encounter during winter:

Freezing Pipes

This is one of the most common plumbing problems during winter. Once the pipe freezes, the water that is inside the pipe will expand and cause it to burst, resulting in property damage. In addition to making a big mess, you need to call an expert to fix the broken pipe. Some experts advise that if you are experiencing water problems during winter, it may be the result of a broken pipe.

Failing Water Heater 

Taking a shower without using a water heater is like taking a dip in the pool full of ice, which is why most water heaters work double time just to keep the water hot in the winter. This can lead to wear and tear. It is recommended by the expert to ensure that you remove any sediment at the bottom of the water heater tank once every year. This is to improve its efficiency. Aside from that, it is also best to keep the water heater’s temperature set no more than 120 degrees. We wrote an earlier article detailing the different options for water heaters, and what type you should choose based on your needs.

Leaks In Water Line 

Water line leaks do not just happen on hot days, but even cold ones! One of the best ways to avoid having a leaking water line is to disconnect all the outdoor water hose and put it away for the meantime. Overlooked water hose outside the house can freeze your faucet and can be the cause of major water leak inside your house. Aside from that, make sure that you clean the entire sump pump before the temperature gets cold. The pump is also vulnerable to freezing and once this happens it can also cause for the water to overflow in your basement. Hillcrest Plumbing and Heating has encountered this problem numerous times and have become experts at addressing this issue.

Grease and Oil In the Sink 

It is not advisable for anyone to throw their leftover oil and grease into the kitchen sink. Doing so during the winter can be exceptionally harmful to your sink. This can cause a major clog, attract bugs, and emit foul odors.

Here at Hillcrest Plumbing & Heating, we know how difficult Old Man Winter can be to deal with. That’s why we’re loaded with the latest in plumbing supplies to tackle the most challenging winter plumbing jobs.


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