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When Is It Time To Replace My Furnace?

Your home furnace is the core of your heating system however, it is often overlooked. A furnace is easy to replace, but it can be difficult to know when its time is up. The last thing you want is for your hot water or heat to stop working, especially in the winter months. If you have recently purchased a new home, or you notice that your furnace is making noise or isn’t heating properly, it may require repairs or replacement.

How Old Is Your Furnace?

The best way to decide whether or not your furnace is in need of replacement or repair is to determine when it was installed. A furnace usually lasts between 15-25 years so they do not need to be replaced frequently. However, it’s best to keep your furnace serviced and well maintained to prolong its lifetime.

When Was Your Furnace Last Checked?

Your furnace is likely not included in your weekly cleaning regime. However, it can gather dust, which builds up over time. Often if your furnace is making noise or isn’t heating your home, the answer is as simple as changing the filters and cleaning the fan.

There could be a foreign object caught in the air vents. If you notice your furnace turning off and on frequently, it’s time to get it checked. Your furnace should be cleaned and serviced once every year. Learn more about furnace repair and servicing here.

Signs You Should Replace Your Furnace

It can be difficult to tell if your furnace requires replacement. there is no set date for when they expire. A well-maintained furnace can last up to 25 years, but if you know that your furnace is getting older, be on the lookout for these warning signs of furnace failure.

You Notice A Spike In Your Energy Bills

If your energy and heat bills are going up, it is a sign that your furnace isn’t functioning properly. This can cost you money over time if you do not have the furnace serviced or replaced.

It Takes A Long Time To Heat Your Home

This will vary depending on the size of your home. However, generally, if your furnace used to heat your house well and you notice a difference, it could be a sign that your furnace is failing.

Your Furnace Makes Noise

Some noise from your furnace is normal, but if you hear abrupt humming or clanging sounds it’s time to get your furnace checked. This is a sign that there’s pressure building up.

Save Energy With A New Furnace

If your furnace is in need of replacement, many newer models can actually help to save you money on your heating and energy bills. Hillcrest Plumbing & Heating carries all major brands of furnaces so you can decide which model best fits your needs and budget.

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