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10 Signs it’s Time for a Sewer and Drain Cleaning

10 Signs it’s Time for a Sewer and Drain Cleaning

Sewer and drain problems can be subtle at first, but the damage is devastating. It is important to have your drain inspected and well maintained throughout the year in order to prevent backup and potential clogging. There are several signs that it’s time for a sewer and drain cleaning and some are more evident than others. Drainage and sewer problems often go unnoticed until it is too late. Learn what to watch for so that you can be proactive if you notice a problem. 

1. Pooling Water 

Pipes carry the water you use every day throughout your home. You may not notice them but they are an essential part of your day to day routine. Pipes are located under main appliances like your sink or shower, they run through the walls of your home and are connected to your source of water, such as a hot water tank.

The water is transported through your home for use when you need it. One of the biggest signs that you have a clog or problem in your pipes is noticing water collecting and pooling around your drains or outside at the mouth of your sewage system. 

Seeing this anywhere in your home is a cause for concern and it’s usually one of the first signs that your drain is clogged. It’s a good idea to talk with your plumber, you may be a good candidate for a sewer and drain cleaning.

2. Unusual Noises 

If you hear bubbling or water rushing and gurgling in your drains, it’s possible there’s a blockage somewhere within the pipes. Your drains will make odd sounds if the water running through has to pass an obstacle on its way. 

It is normal to hear water rushing when your appliances are on, but if the sound is out of the ordinary, it could indicate the need for a sewer and drain cleaning.

3. Cleaning More Frequently 

In order to prevent serious blockages or problems with your drainage system, you should clean your drains every few months. You can purchase many useful drain cleaners at your local hardware store.

Sometimes you can use natural products that work to dissolve grease and grime which builds up over time in the pipes. If you notice you are using more cleaning products than usual and your drains are not unclogging after cleaning, it’s a good indication that you have a serious blockage in your pipes. Contact your plumber to learn more about whether or not a sewer and drain cleaning will rectify the situation.

4. Recent Heavy Rainfall 

Heavy rain can clog your outdoor sewers. When the weather is nice, debris can collect on the ground, whether it is excess foliage, leaves, oil from the road or garbage. When it rains the water can force this debris to gather and rush into the sewer systems all at once. Sometimes the problem can resolve on its own, however, if you notice signs of water collecting and flooding you should alert your plumber or the local municipality if a city drain is clogged. 

5. Flooding on Your Property 

If you notice flooding or excess water gathering near your home, on the lawn or driveway, it could be a sign your sewers are backed up or overflowing. Flooding on your property is especially dangerous if you have a basement or crawlspace. The water can easily seep in and cause water damage if it is not dealt with right away. 

6. Unexplained Smells

Sitting water from a clog can cause mould and debris to rot within your pipes. It will affect the surrounding air and cause a distinct musty smell. You may even notice mould growing in the areas affected by water damage. Unexplained smells near a sewer or drain can often indicate a clog.

If you notice this in other parts of your home, it could be a sign of other problems such as condensation from improper insulation. It’s best to confirm with your plumber to determine what the source of the problem could be. 

7. No improvement After DIY Fixes 

There are many different cleaning products and tools available to try and clean your drains on your own. However, If you have tried the common DIY repairs by using cleaning products or a drain snake, chances are the clog is too serious or too large for DIY fixes. It’s best to call your plumber before the problem gets worse.

Sometimes it’s not always the best idea to fix the problem on your own especially if the signs of a clog are consistently getting worse. In some cases, DIY fixes can make the problem worse, by forcing the clog deeper into the pipes. Chances are that you will require a sewer and drain cleaning to clear out the pipes.

8. Water is Slow to Drain or Flush 

Clogs can happen with all of your home appliances. Often, if you notice the water in your sink, shower or toilet draining slowly, this can indicate that there’s something obstructing the drain pipes. It is one of the first signs you need drain cleaning services. Chances are if the water is still draining, the pipes are only partially clogged, so it’s a good idea to call your plumber before the problem worsens. 

9. Clogged Appliances

First, the toilet clogged, then you noticed water pooling and draining slowly in the shower. When multiple appliances are acting up at once, chances are there is a problem in the sewer or drain system, or something is causing low water pressure.

Residential plumbing systems can be interconnected and a clog in one area can affect other pipes. If you notice problems with shower and sink drainage, for example, chances are there is one clog at the root of the problem. 

10. Timing 

If it has been over a year since your last inspection, it’s time for a sewer and drain cleaning. The key to preventing harmful clogs is proper and frequent maintenance. It’s best to book a maintenance appointment even if you do not notice any immediate problems with your drainage system. Your plumber can inspect your drains using a tiny camera, which can identify the first signs of a clog. In general, it is a best practice to have your drains cleaned every 12 months. If you have recently moved into a new home and you are unsure of when the plumbing systems were last checked, it’s a good idea to book a maintenance appointment as well.  

Sewer and Drain Cleaning Services in Vancouver

There are many different things that can cause clogged sewer pipes and drains. Outside of the home, clogged sewers are common after storms when there are excess tree branches and debris that get washed into the sewers. Clogged sewage systems can cause damage to your property and your home. Burst sewer pipes are also high risk and can cause unexpected, rapid flooding.  

Inside your home, pipes can clog and even burst as well. Most drains are clogged by excess build-up, hair, debris or foreign objects. Protect your residential home and your plumbing system and call your trusted plumber if you notice any problems.  We provide sewer and drain cleaning services in Vancouver, BC. 

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