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Save Up To $1500 On A Combination Heating And Hot Water System With FortisBC

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Take Advantage Of FortisBC’s Rebates At Hillcrest Plumbing & Heating

Combi-boilers are a terrific solution for homeowners to deliver on-demand heat and hot water to wherever it’s needed in the home. And thanks to FortisBC, you can enjoy the fantastic comfort and convenience of a combi-boiler system for less!

Safely and reliably installed by our technicians, a Navien combi-boiler can instantly modernize your home’s heat and water system. Plus, with huge savings like $1200 in rebates, along with $300 in upgrade credit, you’ll feel even better knowing the energy savings from your new high-efficiency system mean that it’s paying for itself.

Featuring Navien Combi-Boiler Systems

Navien NCB-E high efficiency condensing combination boiler

Navien NCB-E Series

  • Space heating up to 120k BTU/H
  • DHW up to 199k BTU/H
Navien NFC high efficiency condensing combination boiler

Navien NFC Series

  • Space heating up to 199k BTU/H
  • DHW up to 199k BTU/H

Navien’s NCB-E and NFC models are the ultimate-high efficiency condensing combination boilers, both having an extremely large capacity to provide heat for your entire house. 

That means no more rushed showers so there’s hot water for everyone in the morning, or wasted time waiting for the dishwasher before running the laundry machine. Navien’s high capacity tanks deliver hot water when you need it, enough for up to 3 showers and a dishwasher – all at the same time.

Why Switch To A High Efficiency
Combi-Boiler System?

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Save money on your annual heating and hot water bills

Save space—combi-boilers take less space than floor standing boiler and tank water heaters

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Optional NaviLink™ WiFi remote control system

Combi-Boiler Eligibility Requirements

General Requirements

  1. The home must have:
    • a residential FortisBC natural gas account (except for strata unit owners installing EnerChoice® fireplaces) and/or
    • a residential FortisBC or municipal electricity account of Grand Forks, Penticton, Summerland or Nelson Hydro.
  2. If the registered owner of the property where upgrades were made is not the utility account holder (e.g. landlord/tenant) the owner must have the account holder complete the Utility Account Holder Consent form.
  3. The home must be a year-round primary residence at least 12 months old and be either a single-family, duplex, triplex, row home, townhouse or mobile home on a permanent foundation. New construction, additions and garage upgrades are not eligible. Apartments and condos are eligible for fireplace rebates only.
  4. Applications must be submitted within six months of the paid invoice date.
  5. Rebates cannot exceed the paid cost on the invoice.
  6. Only one rebate per home for a primary space heating system and a water heater is allowed.

Boiler and Combination System-specific Requirements

  1. All upgrades must be installed by a Technical Safety BC licensed contractor with a GST number and a valid BC business license for the trade applicable to the upgrade being installed. Self-installations are not eligible.
  2. The new boiler or combination system must be replacing an existing natural gas primary1 space heating system that’s a minimum of 10 years old. Note: Homes converting from oil or propane may be eligible for Connect to Gas rebates. Converting from electricity is not eligible.
  3. Warranty replacements or emergency replacements of space heating systems not in working order or deemed unsafe to operate by a licensed gas contractor are not eligible for rebates.
  4. You must install an eligible ENERGY STAR boiler or an eligible combination heating and hot water system2 with a two-pipe direct vent system. A photo of the new two-pipe direct vent system must be made available upon request. Note: not required for a P9 certified tankless water heater with air handler combination system.
  5. The new boiler/combination system must undergo commissioning to ensure it’s installed and operating according to best practice. A copy of the completed commissioning sheet must be made available upon request. Note: not required for a P9 certified tankless water heater with air handler combination system.

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*For applicable Navien products that are eligible for the FortisBC Rebate Program. Subscribers are eligible to receive up to $1200 for high efficiency tankless condensing combi-boilers with an additional $300 two-upgrade bonus from FortisBC. Offer valid for one household based on the address.