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Why Is My Furnace So Noisy?

Furnaces, especially older models all make different noises when they are running. For the most part, a dull humming noise can be heard coming from your furnace, and this is considered normal. A noisy furnace does not necessarily mean that there is something wrong with it, on the contrary, often noises are to be expected with any appliance now and again.

However, if you notice a sound that is different from the normal daily hum of your furnace, it could indicate that something is not right. Once you are aware of the normal sounds your furnace makes, it becomes easy to notice a sound that is out of the ordinary.

Causes Of A Noisy Furnace

There can be several different causes that result in a noisy furnace. It is important to be able to differentiate between causes and determine which could actually be a cause for concern. Different sounds can indicate different problems.

Leaky Air Duct

A common reason for a noisy furnace is a small air leak in the duct. This particular problem is associated with a high pitched whistling noise,

The Solution

If your furnace makes a whistling sound, it could indicate a leak within. To resolve this, remove the air filter and check to see if the sound continues. Chances are, the filter was clogged and the furnace was still trying to suck air by any means possible. The simple solution is to order a new filter or have it replaced.

The Fan In The Furnace Is Worn Out

If you continue to hear a whistling sound, it could be related to the fan on your furnace that blows hot air out into your home. If you examine the fan and nothing appears to be obstructing it, it could simply be the result of wear and tear. This is especially true if you have not changed the filter in a long time as it puts added pressure on the fan.

The Solution

Call your local HVAC specialist and have the fan in your furnace replaced. This may seem like a simple solution but it is best to leave it to the professionals when updating your furnace and appliances in general.

Your Furnace Needs Padding Underneath

If you hear humming or rattling noises coming from your furnace, there is an easy solution. Chances are, the humming is not the result of an internal problem with the furnace, rather, the floor underneath is slightly uneven. Your furnace may sway from side to side so minutely that you don’t notice, but this causes a humming noise.

The Solution

Check to see if there are any screws that require tightening on your furnace, humming can also be the result of a slightly loose screw. Check underneath the furnace and place a softer material such as wood or cork underneath. This should even out the ground and stop your furnace from making a humming noise against your floor.

Your Furnace May Simply Need Replacing

If your furnace is older and there is persistent, loud noise coming from it when it is running, it may simply need to be replaced. There are only so many quick fixes for a furnace that is older.

The Solution

Look for a newer model! Leave furnace replacement to the professionals, call your local HVAC specialist for expert advice on top functioning furnaces. Or, look into how modern, high-efficiency furnaces can actually save you money on heating over time. A home furnace can last up to 20 years, but if you are unsure of your furnaces age, or there is too much maintenance required to justify keeping it, looking for a new furnace is the best option. Hillcrest Plumbing & Heating provides furnace installation services.

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