What Plumbers Actually Do and When to Call One?

When it comes to maintenance and homeownership, there are a few numbers that one should always keep on hand to call in case something goes wrong.

Among these few you should keep is the number of a good plumber.

However, just as important as having the number of a trusted plumber, is knowing what they are capable of doing for you and when you should reach out to them for help.

Though plumbers are most known for solving the world’s clogged up drains and leaking faucets, they actually are able to do a lot of things. If you own a home, or any property, you will likely need a plumber at some point, if not on multiple occasions.

Where: Inside and outside of the home

So mostly plumbers are known for their work on things inside the house, primarily in the bathrooms and kitchens.

Many of us think of the stereotypical photos of the plumber with their top half entirely under the sink with the bottom half of their body laid out on the floor while they solve leaks and clogs.

But they actually do a lot of work both inside and outside of the house.




In The Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most common places we think of when we think of plumbers, but here are some things you may not have thought of that a plumber can do for you in the kitchen.

Plumbers can install and run water lines to and from the refrigerator for both water dispensers and ice makers.
Garbage disposals are extremely helpful in getting rid of unwanted waste. Plumbers can both install and perform maintenance and repairs on garbage disposals.

Most modern homes have dishwashers. Plumbers can install dishwashers and run the water lines to them as well, and in some cases perform maintenance and repairs on them as well, depending on the issue.

Water conservation has been talked about more and more lately. Plumbers can also install water-saving faucets that will help save money and conserve water.

And of course, they can make sure to fix the leaky faucets and clogged drains as well.

Shutoffs in the kitchen are very helpful in the event of a leak in that they allow the water to be shut off to a particular area without having to shut off the main. For older homes that may not have these, plumbers can install these in the areas of higher traffic such as the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room.




In The Bathroom

Generally, in the bathroom, we think of plumbers as the people we call to fix things. However, much like the kitchen, there are actually, many things that we call the plumber for to install as well.

Plumbers are needed to install new toilets, water-saving or otherwise.

Replacing a sink is another good time to call a plumber as you will want to ensure that the lines are properly installed and run to it.

When replacing faucets for tubs, sinks, and showers, it is always best to call in a professional, because you are dealing with water lines and it can be vital to avoiding a potential plumbing catastrophe that the lines are installed and run properly to avoid leaks or even floods. The same is true for shower heads.

Plumbers are also good at fixing things.

Toilets can sometimes “run” constantly, which means it sounds like they are constantly filling themselves back up. This is something a plumber can certainly help with.

Dripping faucets and clogged sinks are probably some of the most common reasons that plumbers are called, but they can also help with tubs that don’t drain or that drain very slowly.





Most people don’t think of calling a plumber for things outdoors, unless something big happens such as a flood in the yard or something like that. But, plumbers actually do a lot of work outdoors too.

All of the plumbing that is needed to run a pool or a spa has to be installed, and usually maintained by a plumber. They are also who you should call if something ever goes wrong with any of these systems.

Barbeques sometimes require that a gas line be run to them, especially if they are built in barbeques. Installing and maintaining gas lines is also something that they specialize in.

Preventing large floods with the installation and maintenance of proper drains and connections to sewage is very important to the safety of a home. Without proper drainage in place, you run the risk of water entering into the home and causing damage.

They also help with frozen pipes. Sometimes, the outside temperatures get so cold that it causes the pipes to freeze and thus stopping water from being directed both to and from a home. This requires expertise to come and defrost the pipe, as well as to ensure that there is no damage to the pipe that could cause them to leak or potentially burst, which could result in serious damage to the home.

Irrigation systems are another big reason that plumbers do work outdoors. Setting up, maintaining, and repairing sprinkler systems are one of the primary functions that keep plumbers busy.


Other Reasons to Call a Plumber

There are other reasons to call a plumber that you might not think of too, that don’t really fall under any particular category, but are certainly worth mentioning so you know who to call when the issue arises.

Sump Pumps: Sump pumps pump excess water out of a basement or garage usually, or some other area that sits below the home that has the potential to flood. Plumbers help both install and maintain these systems.

Laundry: When your washer is having issues and needs to have a tub replaced, you can call your plumber for this too. They age and tend to need to be replaced every so often rather than buying an entire new machine.

Water Heaters: When water heaters need to be repaired or replaced this is certainly the time to call a plumber for their expertise.


In Conclusion
There are many reasons to call a plumber that come up both inside and outside of the house. It is important to keep the phone number of a good plumber that you trust close by as it is better to have and not need one than to need and not have one.

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