Top 8 Trending Sink Designs Of 2017

Your sink may not be the focal point of your kitchen, but it is certainly one the most heavily used items in any home. You may not know it but the style and appearance of your sink play a large role in the design and appearance of your kitchen.

You can easily upgrade the look of your kitchen by simply replacing or redesigning the sink. As 2017 comes to a close, we have created a list of the years top, trending sink designs.

1. The Pop Of Color

A major trend of 2017 that we saw in sink design was a splash of bright color. Vibrantly colored sinks not only help to highlight an accent color in your home, they can also be used as a way to add color to a more monochromatic interior pallet. A colored sink is usually used as a point of contrast or as an accent color. Use a warm brick color or a cooler splash of bright turquoise to bring a little life to your kitchen or bathroom.

2. The Classic Steel

This is the classic stainless steel sink in your kitchen. It generally appears in homes as a double sink (two basins) but it looks just as nice as a single sink too. Stainless steel is a trend that never ends for kitchen sinks. The reason behind that is that it's a functional and practical look. Pair a stainless steel sink with a unique faucet for a more modern flair.

3. Earthy Elements

Wood is not the typical material you'd think of when you think of your sink. However, there has been a rise in the trend. Bamboo has been popular in sink designs throughout 2017. If your home has a strong wood accent, or you simply want to add one, bamboo and bamboo-like materials add a beautiful, unique and natural essence to your kitchen. Go against the stainless steel norm and try something a little more earthy.

4. Bold Backsplash

Sometimes the best way to spice up a simple sink is to place a bold backsplash directly behind it. If your kitchen sink doesn't have a window behind it, you can infuse the otherwise empty space with a splash of colorful paint, tile, custom stone or a mirror for a sleek and modern effect.

5. The Fancy Faucet

If you are not looking to replace your entire sink, but you still want to improve the appearance of your kitchen or your bathroom, sometimes a simple switch of faucet can make all the difference.

6. Make It Marble

2017 has seen a rising trend in sinks crafted entirely of marble or granite. It makes sense when you look back to the rise of popularity in granite countertops in recent years. Marble sinks look incredibly stylish. They add continuity to your kitchen when the same material is used for both your sink and your countertops. It makes for an understated yet timelessly classic appearance. Choose between dark or light marble and transform the look of your home.

7. Metallic Glaze

Copper, gold, bronze, onyx or silver. Your sink can be painted in a custom metallic glaze. The color can be carried out throughout the kitchen, however, it can also be used as a focal point or point of contrast. You can have the sink custom made and painted or you can visit your local hardware store and inquire about glazes for a DIY renovation project.

8. Matte

Matte has been a trend in 2017 with everything from cosmetics, photography, cars, clothing and home design. It is no wonder that matte sinks have become popular. One style, in particular, the matte black sink with a matching faucet. There is something deeply sophisticated and appealing about the muted color. You can use a matte black sink to contrast with a predominantly white kitchen or set a darker mood with matte black as your focal point.

Maintain Your New Sink

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