How To Keep Your Home Cold Without The A/C

Whether you just moved to a new home without air conditioning, you're traveling and the place you stay is very hot, or you simply prefer not to use the A/C, there are still ways to keep cool. The heat can be overwhelming at times, especially during the summer months. It can make you feel sluggish or tired when it gets too warm. Here are some alternate ways to keep your home colder, without the A/C.

Keep the windows open at night

In most places, even tropical countries that are hot year-round, it gets slightly colder at night. Take advantage of the evening temperatures by opening your windows. Let the cool air into your house at night. Close your windows in the morning and your home or apartment should retain the cooler temperature throughout the day.

Keep the blinds or curtains shut during the day

Just like when you open your windows at night, you should keep your windows and blinds shut during the day. The hot sunlight can shine through the windows and heat your home, just like it would heat a greenhouse. The warmth gets trapped inside your house, leaving you sweltering. Invest in blackout blinds, or heavy curtains to really keep sunlight from shining in. Be sure you have heavily insulated, double paned windows as well, to keep heat out.

Avoid using your oven

Summer is BBQ season, and there's a good reason why. Cooking with your oven in the heat also warms your home. the effect is only minor, however, if you live in a smaller home, the heat from the oven can create noticeable, unwanted warmth. Try cooking outside, or let the oven take a break by trying new recipes that don't require cooking.

Keep your sheets in the freezer

Yes, you read that right. This is one of the more desperate measures you can take to stay cool. However, it offers an immediate cooling sensation. If you simply can't fall asleep in the heat, this is a good experiment to try. You can leave them in the freezer for the entire day, and make your bed with the cold, slightly damp sheets at night. Your covers will trap the cool air around you and you'll be able to fall asleep. Some people also try this trick with their pajamas.

Buy a fan

A fan is the best way to ensure you have a constant breeze in your home when you don't have the A/C. There are many ways to strategically use fans to create active air-flow through your house. You can use the fan with your windows to move air through your house and create a breeze in the evening.

Simply open two windows on opposite sides of your home, and place the fan in between. This keeps cool air moving in through the windows and flowing through your house. You can also try this with multiple fans.

If these tips don't do the trick, you may consider installing an A/C system. If you are interested in buying an A/C system, or you simply need one installed, feel free to call Hillcrest Plumbing. We have over 50 years of experience working with plumbing and heating systems. So you can wave goodbye to the days of melting in your home.