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The Best Plumbing Fixtures for Water Saving

The World Water Council paints a grim picture of the availability of our most critical resource, water. According to their website, a 40% to 50% increase is expected in global population over the next 50 years. View this in conjunction with the fact that our use of water resources has escalated six fold thanks to the tripling of the world population in the 20th century. Clearly we are heading towards some serious water shortage issues that can cripple everyday life. Thankfully, there is something that each one of us can do to ward this disaster off- simply by equipping our home with the best plumbing fixtures for maximum water conservation. Take a look a few of these options:


High Efficiency Faucets

You may be sure that there are no leaky faucets anywhere in your home causing water wastage, but are you aware that even those that are working properly may be inefficient when it comes to water conservation? If the faucets in your home use more than 2.5 gpm, you are actually wasting a lot of water. Switch to high efficiency faucets with a flow rate of 1.5 gpm max, and you are contributing quite significantly to water conservation. Of course, do continue to keep a keen eye out for leaky faucets and get them repaired or replaced by an experienced plumber in time.


WaterSense Toilets

If the only time you think about your toilet’s efficiency is when your plumber pays you a visit, then you are missing a good opportunity to save water. Today, there are toilets that use just 1.28 gallons of water during one flush without any compromise on performance. A good way to ensure that you are buying a water saving toilet is to look for the WaterSense label that tells you the toilet is certified for its performance and water efficiency. You should also get these for commercial establishments, so if you are a business owner, you can play a much bigger role in helping save water by using these at your office too.


Faucet Aerators

Apart from making sure that nothing is leaking at home, you can take a step further and install faucet aerators to improve your water saving. Aerators simply add air to the flow of water, dramatically reducing the amount of water flowing through. For you, the user, the difference is negligible and you can wash or rinse under the flow just as you always do. Aerators can reduce your water consumption by about 30%, which is quite an impressive contribution for conserving water.


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